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Weekly Photo Challenge: Standing next to a Masterpiece


This weekly challenge will be very easy for me, because I can just use my profile picture to show one my favorite masterpieces – The Belvedere Torso. (note to myself – do not change your profile picture for a while). Currently “sitting” in the Vatican Museum it was also the favorite piece of grand master Michelangelo. In fact you can find it with added limbs and head in twenty different appearances on the ceiling in Sistine chapel.


We visited Rome with my Art History class last May and I must admit I just fell in love with the city. I have been to Italy few times before, but this was my first visit to Rome and I am definitely going back. I threw a coin to the Trevi Fountain so according to the legend I will be returning there ( I found out about this legend only afterwards, I was only mimicking the other tourists). The Trevi Fountain is another masterpiece  by Bernini, I recommend to visit at night time, there are less people and it is beautifully lit.  Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Standing next to a Masterpiece