The Road to the Grave

Jim Morrison's grave 12.5.2014
Jim Morrison’s grave 12.5.2014

It is the year 1999, people are waiting for the end of the world again, Bill Clinton is on trial and Pluto is still a planet. In Slovakia it was also 10 years since we got rid of the communist regime and were able to travel freely to the feared West. We just finished high school and decided to go interrailing, same as so many other eighteen year olds all over the world. But even though the prices were quickly catching up to the West, salaries were still very poor. For those of you who do not know, Interrail is a ticket for all the trains in Europe for a month except your home country and the price was about 400EUR. Only it was not Euro back then which was only introduced that same year. The average student salary was 10cents(!) per hour, to pay the full price of the ticket was just out of question so we improvised and did what the majority Slovak students did and bought us fake ones. Mind you they were still expensive, I remember my mom lamenting about the price, if she only knew they were not even the real thing. First stop- Amsterdam of course. Traveling with fake tickets adds a special kind of adrenaline to the adventure of travelling, every time the controller came we were scared shitless, only after few checks we were able to relax. The trip ended up to be one of the most amazing experiences in our lives, thinking back now, there are several stories I could and should probably write down. Continue reading The Road to the Grave


The Deja View – my new Cineclub

I happened to get involved in movies recently in a different way. I found myself running an independent cinema, completely by accident, even though it was my dream for long time. It is also the reason why I have not been blogging for a while.


My first poster (designed by Veronika
My first poster (designed by Veronika

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Light in Amsterdam



I am living in Cork at the moment and I still had some holidays to take so I decided to visit my hometown Bratislava. Instead of flying from Dublin directly for two hours, I took a detour: Cork Amsterdam-Berlin-Dresden-Prague-Vienna-Bratislava– London-Cork. Visiting Galleries during the day (I study art history) , exploring “culture” during the night, staying with friends or couchsurfing, it was great. I managed to lose all the pictures from second day onward in a weird technological accident, which was less great.

This one is from the first night in Amsterdam showing Rembrandt being protected by his own painting The Night Watch, brought to life by Russian  artists Mikhal Dronov and Alexander Taratynov, illuminated by huge lights.


My second picture is showing people in Paris dancing under electric lights. It is a painting by Jan Sluijters called Bal Tabarin (1907), seen during my visit in Stedelijk Museum.


The End. Lights out.

in response to Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea and the Dursey Island

In response to weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post

Last Tuesday I visited the beautiful Dursey Island, a small island in West Cork, Ireland.


You have to use the cable car to get over. The only cable car in Ireland and the only cable car over open water in Europe. It takes about 10 minutes.

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Writing Prompt: Vodník

Creative Ink writing prompt here


At midnight and at noon from the depths of the lake he comes forth, right when the reality weakens, his strength peaks. He comes out of the water dry, but somehow there is always a puddle under him. Sitting in a willow tree, smoking a pipe or playing a fiddle, he watches and lurks his victims in the water. He waits for an inexperienced swimmer to be careless but many times he helps things ever so slightly. Little push or little pull is all it takes. Sometimes just a whisper. He commands the creatures of the lake, often taking their form to fool the humans, but he has only little control of the water. Nobody can control the elements. Other times he places things in the water to make the curious girl lean over and after the shove, comes the splash. Oh…How he enjoys the Splash. He hates the lake and he loves it in equal measures, the absurdity of it drives him crazy.

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Five Sentence Fiction: Learning

My first try on Five Sentence Challenge from Lillie McFerrin Writes prompt: Learning

nagasakipicture by Marion Doss (flickr photo)

The Visitor

He moved silently and unnoticed until he found the right spot, where he blended into his surrounding, ability perfected by centuries worth of practice, and started to absorb the vast amounts of information.

This world was so special, all the plants, animals, oceans (oh the oceans) and then of course there were these…humans, they were just so close.

His superiors will be very pleased with this one, he simply has to wait and collect as much data as he can before he gets picked up, which can take months or even years, but he was not in a hurry.

Worlds like these are very rare and in future they will have to be careful when interacting with this one, not to interfere too much but they can provide valuable lessons to help them evolve.

Although they were alien to him, he felt immense love to these creatures, these humans and so he started his report: Earth time 10:00am, 09th August 1945, small settlement called in local dialect Nagasaki…

please check out the other submissions on Lillie’s site…

Weekly Writing Challenge: 6 words and a cat video

My six words about my life would be: Never stop wondering. Never stop wandering.

But I also had a video in my phone, on which our rabbit Freya meets our neighbour’s cat for the first time. I posted previously a picture of our rabbit trying to stare down the cat and this video is from the same day. I heard cat videos are very popular so I decided to share it with you. I could not post it directly so I had to upload it on YouTube first, the first time ever I uploaded anything on YouTube.

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Ghost Town


Creative Writing Ink – writing prompt

The gunslinger stopped and listened. He thought he heard a scream but must have been only in his head. He was on the edge and he desperately needed a drink. He looked around and thought how familiar this abandoned town appeared to him. But most of the towns look alike. He shuddered and resumed his slow pace down the row of  empty buildings towards the silent church in the distance. The air smelled of rotten wood and oddly also of freshly cut grass. There was no wind, not even a breeze. The town was abandoned in a hurry by the looks of it probably some years ago, but he still felt he was being watched. Continue reading Ghost Town

Weekly Photo Challenge: Standing next to a Masterpiece

This weekly challenge will be very easy for me, because I can just use my profile picture to show one my favorite masterpieces – The Belvedere Torso. (note to myself – do not change your profile picture for a while). Currently “sitting” in the Vatican Museum it was also the favorite piece of grand master Michelangelo. In fact you can find it with added limbs and head in twenty different appearances on the ceiling in Sistine chapel.


We visited Rome with my Art History class last May and I must admit I just fell in love with the city. I have been to Italy few times before, but this was my first visit to Rome and I am definitely going back. I threw a coin to the Trevi Fountain so according to the legend I will be returning there ( I found out about this legend only afterwards, I was only mimicking the other tourists). The Trevi Fountain is another masterpiece  by Bernini, I recommend to visit at night time, there are less people and it is beautifully lit.  Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Standing next to a Masterpiece

Far from Home – How far can you go?

Daily prompt

This daily prompt got me thinking (I know, right?). How far can you go from home? And what is home? Do not worry, I won’t go that deep. For the purposes of this post I will consider my home the place I grew up. My hometown Bratislava.

Here is a website which let you see the furthest point from your home – the direct opposite of Earth – Furthest Point  Continue reading Far from Home – How far can you go?