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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Lately all I manage on my blog is to respond to the Weekly Photo Challenge but at least it is some sort consistency and maybe soon I will be able to post some of my fiction writing as well. Who knows anything is possible.

I was attending an evening class and we were supposed to bring 10 photographs with the theme ‘Nature’. The one condition was that each has to be different (subject, composition, style) and I thought I should have one close up of a flower and these were my 4 candidates

flower2 flower3 flower4 flower5

Which one did you think I chose?

On the way to the K-Fest

Last weekend we went to Killorglin a small town in county Kerry with lots of abandoned buildings which were transformed for the weekend into exhibition spaces, theater stages and concert halls by artists from all over Ireland. As a part of Camden Palace – an artists community centre in Cork we also took over one such building. I mentioned before that i look after a art house cinema and I was showing some animated poetry film at two. The country around Killorglin is just beautiful so even though we stayed only few minutes drive away from the town we decided to take a scenic detour through Gap of Dunloe. And On the Way we came across few obstacles…

You shall not pass

They came into the road, stopped until I take a picture and continued on…
IMG_3559 otr otr_2 road_5

Its one of the famous Irish “I dare you” road signs.

We almost did not make it on time but it was worth the trip.

road road_4 road_6 road_8 road_10 road_12

Post-apocalyptic visions

I am working (or will be – go procrastination) on a series of photographs that capture images as if in a post-apocalyptic world. Whenever I pass a broken down car or a overgrown abandoned lot I have to take a picture. I have this vision for a series but right now I concentrate on my art house cinema and the festival we are creating in Cork so it remains a vision. Hopefully since I publish the plan I will have an incentive to do it.But I do have some images that I could share…taken in various parts of the world. They are not quite making my vision justice but here they are anyway.

when nature takes overnature wins IMG_6174 IMG_6261bw houseIMG_6245 IMG_6246  p-a2 p-a2_1 p-a2_2

in response to Photo Challenge – Broken

The Forces of Volcanoes


Sitting in our homes behind our laptops we feel safe and we often forget that we are moving around the sun 108000 km per hour on a ball made up mostly of seriously hot molten rock. Well until Mother Nature reminds us and then you can’t fly anywhere because a tiny volcano erupts in Iceland. We were lucky that the volcano next to it did not awaken. Katla is one of the biggest volcanoes and together with Hekla, they are the two most violent ones and also the only two out of total 130 (!) with female names. He did not know why… Continue reading The Forces of Volcanoes

One more for the motion

I hope you forgive me that I write another post for this week’s photo challenge. I just would like to share with you this very cool photoshoot my friend David organized to show us how to use multiple flash set up in a studio photography which was very helpful and interesting. Even more so because the model Vera brought her little toy with her – LED hula hoop. And with a combination of flash and slow shutter speed we were able to get some nice images. The ones David did were much nicer of course but I am quite proud about few of mine as well. I felt very professional with all the flashes and remotes, umbrellas and soft boxes and of course a model.

.  portrait 3 - lp            portrait 4

shadow                 vera

portrait 5     vera2

portrait 2 - vera classic
This is the lovely Vera without the hoop with a three flash set up.
in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

During our recent trip to Costa Rica (which was absolutely amazing btw), there were many things in motion and lots of it was difficult to catch. For example these hummingbirds.

colibri2 colibri


You should see the amount of failed photographs. My girlfriend was already anxious to go, but I needed at least one semi-good one. I read somewhere they are the only bird species that can fly backwards on account of their aerodynamics and wing flatter speed (is that what it is called?). Later I took a night walking tour in the rain forest and we have seen one hummingbird sleeping on a branch. Only its beak was sticking out. The guide said it is because it is so long they could hurt themselves when they would try to tuck it in like other birds do. We obviously did not want to disturb them with flash so no picture.

I did get some practice when still back in Ireland on my girlfriends parrots. (well they are not hers but her housemate left them when she moved to a different country and my girlfriend the all animal lover and protector had to take care of them)


Animals in cages that is just wrong so at least they could fly around but I do not agree with keeping wild animals as pets in general. That is what I liked about Costa Rica, where all animals are state protected and you cannot hunt them or keep them as pets.

And after we explored the rain forest and volcanoes in the end we finally made it to the Pacific.

my “bird”…also took many tries

But all this images are trying to freeze motion in the moment so i will post one final image from the city of Cork where I live which shows the motion in all its beauty.


In response to Weekly photo challenge: Motion

The very very late bird

I am working nights so I am just on my way home when the sun starts coming up. Just before my last turn there is this view of the whole city of Cork but because it is Ireland it took me several days to catch the moment with clouds covering the sunrise.cork2

I heard about the photography club F22 who only shots with aperture set to 22 so that is what I went for as well.

response to the weekly photo challenge Early bird

The Girl from Ljubljana

This was something i wrote on a short train ride from Ljubljana to Zagreb using my impressions and information from my short visit to the beautiful city of Ljubljana:

The Girl from the Bar.

The fog falls down on the city of Ljubljana like a blanket every night. The streets look eerie and mysterious. The only sound is our hero staggering on the cobbles towards the centre, his mind floating in a comfortable haze. He is a traveller, mere visitor to the city, on his way to his lodgings. Or so he thought. If there was an observer he would see a guy with a strong build, not really athletic, like a boxer in 1920’s. A George Foreman in his BBQ years. A swish in the air above his head makes our hero to look up and the street lamp illuminates his face for few seconds. He catches a glimpse of a shadow, a huge shadow, which disappears again in the direction he was heading. Continue reading The Girl from Ljubljana

The Road to the Grave

Jim Morrison's grave 12.5.2014
Jim Morrison’s grave 12.5.2014

It is the year 1999, people are waiting for the end of the world again, Bill Clinton is on trial and Pluto is still a planet. In Slovakia it was also 10 years since we got rid of the communist regime and were able to travel freely to the feared West. We just finished high school and decided to go interrailing, same as so many other eighteen year olds all over the world. But even though the prices were quickly catching up to the West, salaries were still very poor. For those of you who do not know, Interrail is a ticket for all the trains in Europe for a month except your home country and the price was about 400EUR. Only it was not Euro back then which was only introduced that same year. The average student salary was 10cents(!) per hour, to pay the full price of the ticket was just out of question so we improvised and did what the majority Slovak students did and bought us fake ones. Mind you they were still expensive, I remember my mom lamenting about the price, if she only knew they were not even the real thing. First stop- Amsterdam of course. Traveling with fake tickets adds a special kind of adrenaline to the adventure of travelling, every time the controller came we were scared shitless, only after few checks we were able to relax. The trip ended up to be one of the most amazing experiences in our lives, thinking back now, there are several stories I could and should probably write down. Continue reading The Road to the Grave