The Forces of Volcanoes


Sitting in our homes behind our laptops we feel safe and we often forget that we are moving around the sun 108000 km per hour on a ball made up mostly of seriously hot molten rock. Well until Mother Nature reminds us and then you can’t fly anywhere because a tiny volcano erupts in Iceland. We were lucky that the volcano next to it did not awaken. Katla is one of the biggest volcanoes and together with Hekla, they are the two most violent ones and also the only two out of total 130 (!) with female names. He did not know why…

I think this is it…the guide was pointing it out from the bus but it was far and I was not sure even then. Iceland 2014

People usually expect an asteroid to be the big cataclysmic event but the truth is our beloved Earth can wipe us out all on her own in various ways. And according to some studies we are long overdue. Yellowstone Park for example is one big super volcano. They long suspected that what is going on in Yellowstone Park is somehow connected to volcanic activity but they could not locate the caldera until satellite images revealed that the whole park is one massive super volcano. The only super volcano that is not in the ocean. An eruption would be 10 thousand times stronger than a regular volcano. The research indicated that the volcano erupts every 600 000 years, the last eruption was 640 000 years. So sleep tight my friends. Our only chance is populate other planets so support space travel.

Despite its devastating effects or maybe because of it volcanoes are a popular tourist attractions. So we visited the few active ones in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The fifth biggest lake in the world. It is so huge it has tides. Nicaragua.
All cars were asked to park with their back to the volcano. In the left corner you can see our driver ignoring that. Masaya, Nicaragua
Problem solved. Arsenal, Costa Rica 2015
10 dollars extra for room with volcano view. No refund in case of clouds. La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

But were there is an active volcano there are hot springs. Overpriced, tourist loving and somewhat tacky hot springs. But impossible to resist.

La Fortuna, Costa Rica
La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Blue Lagoon, Iceland

But it is not only volcanoes that threaten our existence, the environment is much more fragile than previously thought. Small changes in fauna or flora can have vast effects on global events. And than there is the endless stupidity of humanity. But life itself will survive, even when we don’t. And that is something.

New Life
New Life

But not to finish on a gloomy note I have high hopes for us that we will evolve one day and start exploring the universe together both inner and outer. (just like Bill Hicks said)

in response to Photo Chalenge – Forces of Nature


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