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Post-apocalyptic visions

I am working (or will be – go procrastination) on a series of photographs that capture images as if in a post-apocalyptic world. Whenever I pass a broken down car or a overgrown abandoned lot I have to take a picture. I have this vision for a series but right now I concentrate on my art house cinema and the festival we are creating in Cork so it remains a vision. Hopefully since I publish the plan I will have an incentive to do it.But I do have some images that I could share…taken in various parts of the world. They are not quite making my vision justice but here they are anyway.

when nature takes overnature wins IMG_6174 IMG_6261bw houseIMG_6245 IMG_6246  p-a2 p-a2_1 p-a2_2

in response to Photo Challenge – Broken


The Forces of Volcanoes


Sitting in our homes behind our laptops we feel safe and we often forget that we are moving around the sun 108000 km per hour on a ball made up mostly of seriously hot molten rock. Well until Mother Nature reminds us and then you can’t fly anywhere because a tiny volcano erupts in Iceland. We were lucky that the volcano next to it did not awaken. Katla is one of the biggest volcanoes and together with Hekla, they are the two most violent ones and also the only two out of total 130 (!) with female names. He did not know why… Continue reading The Forces of Volcanoes