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One more for the motion

I hope you forgive me that I write another post for this week’s photo challenge. I just would like to share with you this very cool photoshoot my friend David organized to show us how to use multiple flash set up in a studio photography which was very helpful and interesting. Even more so because the model Vera brought her little toy with her – LED hula hoop. And with a combination of flash and slow shutter speed we were able to get some nice images. The ones David did were much nicer of course but I am quite proud about few of mine as well. I felt very professional with all the flashes and remotes, umbrellas and soft boxes and of course a model.

.  portrait 3 - lp            portrait 4

shadow                 vera

portrait 5     vera2

portrait 2 - vera classic
This is the lovely Vera without the hoop with a three flash set up.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

During our recent trip to Costa Rica (which was absolutely amazing btw), there were many things in motion and lots of it was difficult to catch. For example these hummingbirds.

colibri2 colibri


You should see the amount of failed photographs. My girlfriend was already anxious to go, but I needed at least one semi-good one. I read somewhere they are the only bird species that can fly backwards on account of their aerodynamics and wing flatter speed (is that what it is called?). Later I took a night walking tour in the rain forest and we have seen one hummingbird sleeping on a branch. Only its beak was sticking out. The guide said it is because it is so long they could hurt themselves when they would try to tuck it in like other birds do. We obviously did not want to disturb them with flash so no picture.

I did get some practice when still back in Ireland on my girlfriends parrots. (well they are not hers but her housemate left them when she moved to a different country and my girlfriend the all animal lover and protector had to take care of them)


Animals in cages that is just wrong so at least they could fly around but I do not agree with keeping wild animals as pets in general. That is what I liked about Costa Rica, where all animals are state protected and you cannot hunt them or keep them as pets.

And after we explored the rain forest and volcanoes in the end we finally made it to the Pacific.

my “bird”…also took many tries

But all this images are trying to freeze motion in the moment so i will post one final image from the city of Cork where I live which shows the motion in all its beauty.


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The very very late bird

I am working nights so I am just on my way home when the sun starts coming up. Just before my last turn there is this view of the whole city of Cork but because it is Ireland it took me several days to catch the moment with clouds covering the sunrise.cork2

I heard about the photography club F22 who only shots with aperture set to 22 so that is what I went for as well.

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