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Weekly Photo Challenge: Standing next to a Masterpiece

This weekly challenge will be very easy for me, because I can just use my profile picture to show one my favorite masterpieces – The Belvedere Torso. (note to myself – do not change your profile picture for a while). Currently “sitting” in the Vatican Museum it was also the favorite piece of grand master Michelangelo. In fact you can find it with added limbs and head in twenty different appearances on the ceiling in Sistine chapel.


We visited Rome with my Art History class last May and I must admit I just fell in love with the city. I have been to Italy few times before, but this was my first visit to Rome and I am definitely going back. I threw a coin to the Trevi Fountain so according to the legend I will be returning there ( I found out about this legend only afterwards, I was only mimicking the other tourists). The Trevi Fountain is another masterpiece  by Bernini, I recommend to visit at night time, there are less people and it is beautifully lit.  Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Standing next to a Masterpiece


Far from Home – How far can you go?

Daily prompt

This daily prompt got me thinking (I know, right?). How far can you go from home? And what is home? Do not worry, I won’t go that deep. For the purposes of this post I will consider my home the place I grew up. My hometown Bratislava.

Here is a website which let you see the furthest point from your home – the direct opposite of Earth – Furthest Point  Continue reading Far from Home – How far can you go?

Daily prompt : Natural World – “OLD HEAD”

Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?

Photographers, artists, and poets: show us NATURE.

I would like to share with you my favorite place in Cork, Ireland. It is called Old Head and it is roughly 10km from Kinsale. I would consider myself a typical city boy, but this place could turn me over.


Especially when the weather is nice, which isn’t very often in Ireland, this place is just magical. You want to just sit down and write poems. It is absolutely peaceful and it is not well known by tourists so most of the time there aren’t any other people. This is why I prefer it to the much more famous Cliffs of Moher. And it is only half hour drive from the city which isn’t something you would do every day but every time I get a chance I will drive up here. Every time someone comes to visit Ireland(friends, family or couchsurfers) this is one place I definitely take them and enjoy their awe.


My mother and my cousin came to visit Ireland for the first time ever(I live in ireland for 6 years now) so naturally I took them to old Head.     IMG_3130IMG_3138

Here is my sister taking picture of our mother, but she has  fear of heights not when she is close only when me or my sister are. Not sure what that phobia is called. So my cousin had to hold my sister to stop her panic attack.


And here is me – old man and the sea.


There is a great restaurant on the bottom of the cliffs called the “Speckled Door”. I brought so many people here and recommended it to so many others I should be getting free meals there. You should try the oysters, they  are delicious . And the view is amazing as well.

 IMG_3170speckled doorthe-speckled-doorIMG_3171

And roughly five minutes walk from there is Garretstown Beach. Or G-Town how the locals call it. It is popular for surfers, you can even hire a lesson there with all the equipment provided.


So if you ever visit Ireland let me know I will use you as an excuse to come here again…

Daily Prompt: No Longer a Mere Mortal – Movie recommendation

I think when wishing for immortality people do not realize how long forever is. You get some idea while waiting for your girlfriend to get ready, or watching the clock during the last hour at work but that is nothing. I would like to read all the books, see all the movies, visit all the countries and just try just about everything but how long will this take. Ten, twenty thousand years? How long until you get bored. I also imagine myself after the Earth gets destroyed by an asteroid, just floating around in space for all eternity hoping to get picked up by aliens or loose my mind whichever comes first.

But here is the promised recommendation for a movie that in my opinion deals best with this question. The movie is “Man from Earth” (2007).

It is about a college professor who invites all his colleagues  to his cabin to a farewell party. Here he reveals he never ages and that he has been walking the earth for thousands of years. The whole movie is just a conversation between them, trying to expose him as a fraud or trying to get some answers about life. I really enjoy one-setting  movies, this one being my favorite.